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Salut there,

a couple of hours are left until our third show of the tour. We are in Paris at the beautiful “Le Bataclan” music club. A lot has happened since we were picked up by the tourbus at our rehearsal room three nights ago, but we are happy to tell you that we are only talking about good stuff here. It feels great to hit the road again and we are happy to be accompanied by members of our most trustworthy crew, taking care of our equipment and merchandise. On Thursday night we drove to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, picking up our busmates of Triosphere and Blackguard at the Amsterdam Airport. When we arrived at the Effenaar Club in Eindhoven, things got a bit hectic, because on the first day, there is a lot to take care of. With four bands sharing one stage, there will always be some trouble during the first days. We had a great show nonetheless. The dutch crowd blew our minds especially with an outstanding performance during our singalong parts. After the show we met some of our dutch colleagues of “Stream of Passion”, who shared a bus with us during the Epica tour in spring. What happens on a tour-bus after the first show of a three weeks tour is done? With the help of our Norwegian and Canadian comrades we drank all the beers a support-band can ask for, celebrating a start that was not perfect but good enough to leave us all hungry for more. We drove to Switzerland to the legendary Z7. I can not imagine any musician who has ever played there saying anything bad about this club. Food: Hiloryglorylicious (to quote food and linguistic expert Gerit Lamm), Local Crew: Amazing. Crowd: Fantastic. It’s shows like these that make you forget that you are touring as a support-band and, believe me, the Swiss still had tons of energy to celebrate an amazing Kamelot show. Now we are sitting backstage at the Bataclan.When you return to a club where you have played before, it always feels like returning home or rather returning to a house where you spend your holidays. I have the best memories of our last show in Paris, we finished the first leg of the European Tour with Epica in this club, it was legendary.
Ok, almost time to get ready, let’s have a look at the fridge…
Blackguard’s Terry comes in… tells me that the crowd is alright. I think we’ll have a beer, then I’ll dress up… I’ll keep you posted…
Are you ready, Paris? I’ll see you out there.

Greetings, Philip